Irrigated Farm Hutchinson Co TX


There are four wells in production on this section for a total of 1,950+/- gpm on 376+/- irrigated acres or 5.19 gpm/wet acre. Three of the wells combine to produce 1,750+/-gpm and the fourth well is at 200+/-gpm per operator.  Two 7.9l and one 8.1l Cummins engines provide power to the big wells. A GM gen-set with a sub is on the fourth well. Although the wells are currently being powered by natural gas, there is three-phase electricity present. The farm was developed in 2015 with new equipment; the three pivots are Zimmatics with NFTrax plastic tires. Dirt work has been done on what looks to be low spots on the aerial, and although every wet acre has been planted in the past, only 358+/- have been certified due to the playa lake on the north end of the SE circle. The irrigated has been 100% corn in 2015-2016, with 182 acres being certified organic (what was grass). The farm is currently leased for the 2017 growing season at a very competitive rate in which the current tenant plans to plant cotton. There is a perimeter fence that will hold cattle with some maintenance.

A Texas Real Estate Sales Agent owns a minority interest in the farm.

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