Land Auctions provide the landowner with an additional tool for marketing their property. Auctions are becoming a popular choice for both selling and purchasing land. Why should you consider a land auction?

  • Most sellers see their land sell and close within a 90 day period, depending on the due diligence required to close the transaction.
  • Auctions provide a competitive environment.
  • Multi-Parcel Land Auctions offer a larger potential buyer pool.
  • Your property receives maximum visibility, while you remain in total control and realize a true price for your land.

Absolute Auction – selling your property at a public auction where the highest bidder buys the farm.
Reserve Auction (with undisclosed or disclosed reserve) – offering your property at public auction but having a reserve set to protect you from selling the farm at a price you are not willing to accept.
Sealed Bid Auction – offering the property for sale through sealed bids.
Online Auction – offering the property at auction through our exclusive online auction app.


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